Four Tasks A Garage Door Service Can Perform For You

Routine maintenance can keep your garage door secure, ensuring efficient and quiet operation. Most people don't have the time or skills needed to maintain their garage doors themselves. Fortunately, a garage door service can perform the necessary work. Here are some tasks a garage door service can perform for you:

1. Replace and reprogram your remote controls.

In some cases, what homeowners assume is a mechanical problem is actually just a worn out battery. If you use a remote control to raise and lower your garage door, replace the battery before assuming your garage door motor is broken. In some cases, this will be enough to solve the problem. If you find that your garage door remote control battery is draining too quickly, there may be an electrical problem with the remote itself. A garage door service can help you replace and reprogram a new set of remotes for your garage door in this case.

2. Lubricate your garage door.

Automatic garage doors are raised and lowered by a motor attached to a set of cables. Your garage door is mounted onto tracks which control its motion. If the wheels in your garage door tracks become too dry, you may hear a grinding sound during operation. A lack of lubrication can damage the tracks or your garage door itself. A garage door service will lubricate your garage door using mechanical grease. In addition to protecting the metal components of your garage door, this grease can also seal out moisture and prevent rust from forming.

3. Check your spring tension.

Garage doors are quite heavy. In order to alleviate the workload of your garage door motor, springs are used to support much of the weight of your garage door. These springs need the proper amount of tension to support this weight. If your springs are too loose, your garage door motor will struggle and burn out more quickly. Your garage door serviceman will check the tension of your springs. They will also make sure the safety cables that run through your springs are still intact, which can prevent injury or property damage in the event that a spring snaps.

4. Evaluate garage door operation.

Some garage door problems can be detected early by a professional. Your garage door service person will observe your garage door while it opens and closes. They will look for any unusual movement, including sluggish operation. They will also listen for any unusual sounds. Based on your garage door's performance, your serviceperson can suggest any necessary repairs or tune-ups.