Consider How Long You Plan To Spend In Your Home When You're Evaluating Siding Options

For many people who are choosing siding for their homes, the two things to consider are the cost of the product and its appearance. There's no question that you want to choose siding that fits within your budget and that gives your home a look that makes you happy when you pull into the driveway. It's also important to think about some other topics, including how long you plan to spend living in the home. In some cases, you might have a clear idea of this duration. In other cases, you may not know what the future holds. Trying to evaluate how long you'll be in the home can play a role in what siding you choose.

How Much Investment You Want To Make

Having an approximate idea of how long you plan to spend in your home will help you to identify what type of investment you want to make in your siding. If you're building a custom home that you plan to live in until you're no longer able, it may make sense to choose a pricier siding option that offers more longevity. This way, you won't likely have to replace or repair the siding. If you're simply remodeling a house with the goal of selling it as quickly as possible, a lower-cost siding choice may be a better financial decision.

How Much Maintenance You Want

It's also important to think about how much you want to maintain your siding, especially if you're planning to live in the home indefinitely. Some types of siding require little to no maintenance, while others need more work. Wooden shingle siding, for example, looks good but sometimes requires the replacement of individual shingles. Vinyl siding is a popular choice, but you may frequently need to pressure wash the siding on the shady side of your home.

How Widely Appealing Your Choice Is

You should give some thought to how appealing your choice of siding is. If you're going to live in the house as long as you can, it's often find to choose siding that you like but that others may not like as much. For example, this could be vinyl siding in a bright color. However, if you're looking to sell within the next few years, it's advantageous to choose a siding type and color that will be widely appealing to prospective buyers — even if it might not be your favored look. Talk to your siding contractor for more ideas.