A Front Porch Addition Could Be The Ideal Way To Get More Living Space While Improving Curb Appeal

When you want to add a little more living space to your home and improve the curb appeal of your property at the same time, consider having a front porch addition built. A front porch gives your home charm and makes it look inviting. Plus, it adds space for lounging, talking, and visiting with guests. Here's a look at adding a front porch to your home.

Choose The Type Of Porch You Want

You may want a front porch that is as long as the front of your house, or you may want a smaller porch that covers your entry door. You can even have a wrap-around porch built that curves around the sides of your home. The bigger the porch, the more it costs to have it installed, but you'll have more room for kids to play, grow plants, or just sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Talk To Your Porch Builder About Options

You can have a simple porch built with a roof and concrete foundation, or your porch can have additional features such as railings, a finished floor, and electricity for ceiling fans and lights. Decide how you want to use your porch so the builder can help you choose the right building materials. Your porch can be considered another room of your home with attractive patio furniture, waterproof flooring, outdoor rugs, and lights and fans rated for outdoor use.

Think About Enclosing The Porch

While an open porch has a classic and inviting appearance, you may want an enclosed porch so it is more versatile. You can have it enclosed with windows so you can control the climate in the space and enjoy your porch through more months of the year. You may also want a screen enclosure for your porch so you can enjoy sitting outside in the evening without getting bitten by mosquitoes. A screen enclosure also keeps your pets safe so you can let them enjoy sleeping outside in the breeze without worry of them wandering off.

A front porch could bring your family a lot of enjoyment. While you won't have as much privacy as you would with a backyard patio, you can still enjoy the added space by putting a picnic table, swing, chairs, or lounges on the porch. Sitting outside when the weather is nice is relaxing and it's an interesting pastime since you can watch people in your neighborhood. A front porch can also make your home more attractive by adding an appealing architectural element that makes your home look friendly and charming no matter what type of house you have.

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