Just Have A Big Storm Pass Through? Know What Roof Damage To Look For

While the sights and sounds of a storm may look quite amazing from inside your home, you may be stressed about the potential damage it is doing to your home's roof. After the storm passes, it will be a good idea to look for the potential damage that was caused so that you can have it repaired, if necessary.

Water Damage

It's possible that you have not experienced any leaks in your home, but a torrential downpour may have caused water to force its way in, somehow. You want to start by looking in your attic for places where the wood looks dark, since this is an indication that water got into your home and soaked into the wood. You can also check for signs of water stains on the ceiling beneath your roof. This can give you a good idea of where you have a roof leak to narrow your search outside for more potential signs.

Hail Damage

The damage left behind from hail may not be noticeable at first. Small hail can leave tiny indentations that won't be noticeable until you get up to your roof on a ladder and get really close to the shingles. However, you may notice the effects of hail impact in the form of lost granules. Look at the bottom of your downspouts and see if there is any indication of small granules that have come off the shingles due to impact damage. These tiny granules may also be in the gutters as well. While missing granules may not seem like a big deal, they play a role in protecting your home from UV exposure and provide fire protection. It is worth assessing the roofing material to see if they are only missing a few granules or are looking bare. 

Impact Damage

Impact damage may be easy to spot, because you'll have a large tree branch on your roof that needs to be cleared. If the debris has blown away, you will want to look for signs of damaged shingles. They may be flipped upward, have cracks, or are completely missing from your roof's surface. All of these damaged shingles will need to be replaced to protect your roof.

Reach out to a local roofing contractor like Select Exteriors, if you need help identifying the damage left from a storm or performing roof repairs. Using a professional is the best way to ensure the work is done correctly.