Easy Ways To Breathe New Life Into An Old Kitchen

Many homeowners have a boring, outdated kitchen but do not have the resources for a complete renovation. Fortunately, simple changes can transform your kitchen.

Update Cabinetry

Since the cabinets in your kitchen often take up most of the space, changing them can make the most impact. Consider just having the doors and hardware replaced. Depending on the size of your cabinet doors, you may be able to find replacements without the need for custom sizes. You may want to change the material of your doors or choose interesting design elements, such as beveled edges or glass. Most hardware replacements can be bought off the shelf at retailers. Certain metal finishes like chrome or brass can be an attractive touch to your cabinets. If your cabinets are made from wood, update the doors by having them refinished. Having the doors and drawer fronts sanded and stained to mimic other types of wood will be a fast and more affordable option that replacing them.

Choose A Nicer Floor

Many kitchens have older laminate for the floor, which can easily crack or show other signs of wear. Not only will replacing the floor improve the look of your kitchen, but you can also choose better materials that are more durable and suitable for the environment. Tile is a good choice for the kitchen because it tends to be more durable in various conditions. You can expect significant temperature fluctuations in the kitchen, and there is always the chance of spills or flooding. Tile is also easy to keep clean and can withstand different cleaning agents. To keep your tile floor looking as fresh as possible, steer clear of white tiles and grout. If you want a lighter color, choose an off-white so any staining over time is less obvious.

Try New Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen can make a significant difference in the overall look. When considering light fixtures, you should make choices based on both functionality and efficiency. The main light fixture is usually affixed to the ceiling of the kitchen. Although this can provide lighting over a wider area, it is often problematic because it can be cumbersome to change the bulb. When you choose the main light fixture, consider how easy it will be to change before reaching a decision. Recessed lighting is often used because the fixture remains flush with the ceiling. LED options for recessed lighting are more energy efficient, and each bulb lasts longer so you do not need to change them as often. Think about installing smaller fixtures throughout different areas of the kitchen. Strip lights are used under the upper cabinets because they can illuminate the countertops or other poorly lit areas where your main lights do not reach.

A successful kitchen remodeling project is not always about a complete overhaul. Sometimes small changes can have a dramatic impact on an outdated kitchen.