Land Surveying Services: A Look At Common Types Of Surveys Performed

If you are like the average consumer, you are fairly familiar with what a land surveyor does. You know that they use their equipment to measure and assess a piece of property so the exact boundaries are marked and documented. However, most consumers have no idea that land surveyors actually offer many different types of surveys, each specific service offering a unique thing to the buyer. To get a better idea of just how valuable land surveying is, it is a good idea to get familiar with the different types of land surveying services. Here is a look at some of the different land surveying services you may eventually need. 

Topographic Surveys 

Topographic surveys give you a good look at the geographic layout of a piece of property through the creation of a topographic survey map. During the creation of a topographic survey map, the professional will use special equipment to measure things like slope and contour of the ground and other geographical features. The topographical survey is far more in-depth than a traditional land-surveying project, so the process can take a while longer to complete and is usually more costly to have done. 

Fence Line Surveys

There are few times it is more important to know precisely where your property boundaries lie than when you install a borderline fence. Thankfully, a good land surveyor can help you out with the placement of that fence by doing a brief fence-line survey. You do not need the entire piece of property assessed, only the boundary lines marked so you can clearly see where the fence should go. During a fence line survey, the contractor will assess and measure for property lines and install stakes, flags, or other markers to give you absolute confidence that your fence will go in the right place without causing problems with neighboring landowners.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are probably the most common type of land survey done outside of the usual land surveying done when a property is bought or sold. Boundary surveying is basically just surveying the land to find the specific boundaries of the piece of property. This is most often done by landowners who have issues with encroachment—either they have been encroached upon by a neighbor or a neighbor is claiming they have encroached upon them. The boundary survey marks the property lines so disputes can be settled, legal matters and proceedings addressed, and landowners can get on with their lives.

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