Found Some Bags Of Ready Mix Concrete In Your Garage? Tips For Mixing And Using It

If you found some bags of ready mix concrete in your garage, do not throw them away. Instead, there are many things you can use them for around your home, such as for your landscaping. Below is some information about mixing the concrete in a wheelbarrow, along with ways you can use the concrete.

Mix Concrete in Wheelbarrow

There are many ways to mix the ready mix concrete, including in a wheelbarrow. If this is what you are going to use, instead of using a square shovel, use a spade shovel to mix the concrete. You can purchase this shovel at a home improvement store. A spade shovel is more round, which makes it easier to use when dipping for the concrete.

Before you get started, use a garden hose to spray down the spade and all inside surfaces of the wheelbarrow with water. This will help prevent the concrete from sticking and allow you to mix it much easier.

Make sure the wheelbarrow is on a flat surface to keep it balanced while mixing. You can do this by placing it on boards, a concrete slab, etc.

Follow the instructions on the bags on how to mix the concrete properly. Once mixed, the concrete will dry quickly, so be ready for the project you plan to use it for.

Use Concrete

There are many ways you can use ready mix concrete. If you have landscaping, you can use it to put an edge around a flower garden. This not only looks nice but keeps grass from getting into the garden.

You could also put edging along the length of your driveway on each side. This will enhance your curb appeal.

You could also make a path going from your front door to an area in your yard. This will be beneficial, as you could keep your feet from getting wet after a rain.

Ready mix concrete works well if you want to make a patio. A color can be added to the concrete when you first mix it. This color is a powder and is easy to mix and is available in a variety of colors. Because you have more than one bag of concrete, you can mix different colors to make your patio look unique.

If you need help using the concrete, contact a concrete contractor or a landscaping contractor in your area to help you. They can also give you many more ideas on how you can use the concrete in your yard or other ways.