Three Points In The Average Residential Garage That Could Benefit From Foam Insulation

Because home energy efficiency is so important to most homeowners, the average residential home is built to be very well insulated. However, there tends to be one point in the house where insulation can be lacking because this space is often not heated or cooled: the garage. If your garage seems drafty, you will probably take it upon yourself to have some insulation added or add some insulation on your own. Spray foam insulation works well in the garage because the walls may be unfinished and there can be more cracks and crevices to fill. here is a look at three points in the garage where foam insulation may help. 

Around the Garage Door 

The garage door is the largest opening in your garage, and unfortunately, many garage door installations don't do much to keep drafts from slipping into the space in the winter and hot air from coming in through the colder months. Take a look at your garage door and you will likely see several places where air can slip through. Spray foam insulation works well to seal off these areas and it will not hinder the function of the garage door at all.  

Around the Ceiling

Most garages don't have a completely unfinished ceiling, which means there can be openings on the roof of the garage where there is no insulation at all. Grab a ladder and check around the top of the garage. If you can, turn off the lights and look for places where you see light coming through from the outside. Pay close attention to anywhere there is an element leading from the garage out to the roof, such as vent pipes or exhaust lines from your home's HVAC system.  If you spot any openings, it is best to insulate them with spray foam insulation to make the garage more efficient. 

Around the Windows

If your garage does have windows in it, these may not be as well insulated as the windows in the rest of the house because the walls are not completely finished. If this is the case in your garage, you will notice a lot of heat transfer and cold air around the windows at various times of the year. Spray foam insulation can be a quick solution because it is easy to install around the window frame where most air leaks occur. In some cases, a small frame will have to be installed around the window to cover the insulation if the walls are unfinished in your garage. 

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