5 FAQs Regarding Roof Damage And Homeowner's Insurance

If you've noticed damage to your home's roof, you may be wondering if anything is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Luckily, there are times, when your insurance will pay for some damage to your roof. If you aren't sure about what your homeowner's policy can do for you, check out these five frequently asked questions regarding roof damage and insurance.

Does Insurance Cover Maintenance?

Your roof takes a lot of damage, and as the homeowner, it's your job to maintain your roof. When damage occurs, you should repair it, and insurance agrees. Typically, insurance policies have a wear and tear policy. This means that any damage to your roof that is considered normal wear and tear is not covered by the insurance. As a homeowner, it's your job to make repairs to the roof when necessary, and it's also your job to replace an old roof when it is old.

Is Sudden Damage Covered?

Insurance is designed to cover accidents that you cannot foresee or prevent. For example, if a storm caused your roof to catch on fire, that has nothing to do with wear and tear or maintenance. You could not have foreseen the accident, and you could not have prevented it. In this type of situation, the damage is covered because it was not preventable. Of course, every policy is different, and you should check with yours to see what is and is not covered.

What's a Peril Policy?

There are two different types of policies from which you can choose: peril and non-peril. A peril policy is great for businesses in areas that see specific disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes. If you live in an area that doesn't have specific types of disasters, you'll want a non-peril policy. These cover all the most frequent types of damage, such as fire. With a peril policy, everything that is listed is covered, and everything that isn't listed is not covered. With a non-peril policy, only the non-covered situations are listed.

Are Belongings Covered?

If you roof is damaged, you may get your belongings covered. Usually, if the damage to the roof is covered, the insurance agency will also cover the damage to your items. So if a sudden storm ruins your living room, you are usually set. However, sometimes, damage to your belongings are covered even if the damage to your roof isn't covered. Even if your roof started leaking from normal wear and tear, your insurance company may pay for your damaged couch and computer.

Will the Roof the Replaced?

If the damage to your roof is covered, don't get too excited. You may not get a new roof. Your insurance company gets to decide if you get a new roof or a repair. Typically, if your roof is destroyed, it will get replaced. However, if your roof is old, don't get too excited. The insurance carrier will take this into consideration. You may not get what you paid for your new roof. Instead, you may get what it is worth now, which may not pay for a new roof.

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