Worried About Moisture In Your Crawl Space? What To Do

If you have continual problems with your sump pump failing, or getting moisture in your crawl space, you want to talk with an expert before you end up jeopardizing the structure of your home. There are a lot of different things that you can do to help keep the concrete in your crawl space dry, and to protect your property. Talk with the necessary experts about the following things.


You can add a sheeting to the floor and the walls around the crawl to encapsulate the area, to ensure that moisture isn't a problem and doesn't do damage, and to protect the concrete foundation with the base of your home. Talk with an encapsulation professional about the costs and time it will take to get this completed, and to see what will be the best for your crawl.

New Ventilation Options

The ventilation system can be clogged, improperly sized, or in the wrong location to keep the crawl space dry. You should talk with a basement and crawl space concrete professional to see if you can get better and more efficient insulation options installed in the crawl space, and to see what else you can do to improve the ventilation.

Dehumidification System

A system to remove moisture out of the space may be a necessity, and you can have the controls or the power switch accessible from inside the house. If you don't want to rely on something that is battery powered, because you worry it may stop working without your knowledge, see if you can have a waterproof electrical line wired to the space to help with the system.

Improved Sump Pump

You want to make sure that the sump pump has a backup power source that it's reliable to handle the amount of water that could get into the space, and that the pump is functioning as it needs to. Talk with the experts can get a unit you can trust.

There are a lot different flaws that occur over time with concrete that could be allowing water into your crawl space, and things that you want to take into consideration when looking for the source of the moisture. Make sure that you get the area encapsulated, that you add a dehumidifying system installed, and that the sump pump will work as it needs to. After that you can rest easy knowing that your crawl space is safe.