3 Things To Do If You Notice A Roof Leak In Your Townhome

Maintenance issues for townhomes can sometimes be complicated because even if you own the townhome outright, it is likely the responsibility of your HOA to take care of the property. So if you notice a leak in your townhouse roofing, you might have to call your HOA before you call a local roofer or your insurance company. That said, there are still some tips you can follow to help get the situation resolved quickly and protect other nearby residents as well.

Recommend a Local Roofer to the HOA

While you should call your HOA first when there is a problem with your townhouse roofing, there's no reason why you can't search for a respected local roofing company beforehand and then recommend that company to your HOA. This way, you might be able to cut through the bureaucratic process that some HOAs go through and get the ball rolling a little bit quicker. This can also be beneficial from a legal standpoint because if the HOA drags its feet on fixing the roof and you end up in court, you can tell the judge that you were proactive and even tried to connect your HOA with a specific roofing company.

Inform Your Neighbors

Roof structures can be complicated, and that could mean that even though the leak is coming into your townhome, the source of the leak might not be directly above your head. Townhouse roofs tend to be very long structures that cover more than one residence. Chances are if you are having problems, there might be another neighbor that is as well. At the very least, you should inform the people living next to you so they can be prepared to spring into action as needed. Also, consider that the more people you can get to call the HOA and complain, the faster they will likely spring into action.

Read Your Contract and Call Your Insurance Company if Necessary

It's also important to understand exactly what kind of damage the HOA is responsible for repairing and if you as a resident will be left on the hook for any part of the bill. Read your contract to get up to speed in this area, and then contact your townhome insurance company if you believe you will also need to file a claim with them.

Townhouse maintenance issues can be a headache because you are not in direct control of fixing the problem. But if you are proactive and lead the charge on the issue, you'll hopefully be able to get your HOA to send someone out to fix the problem sooner rather than later. Have the name of a good townhouse roofing company in mind before you call your HOA and you'll be able to get things taken care of in a timely fashion. For more information, contact a roofing company like Liberty Exteriors LLC.