Winter Maintenance For Your Automatic Gate

Installing fencing around your property is a great way to add privacy and protect your home from unwanted guests. Fencing can make it difficult to access your property, so you may choose to install an automatic gate to allow you to enter and exit your property without getting out of your vehicle to manually open a gate.

Automatic gates serve as an asset only when they are properly maintained. Here are three important maintenance tasks you should complete this winter to keep your automatic gate in good working condition.

1. Conduct a visual inspection.

Winter can take a toll on many of the components that allow your automatic gate to function properly. You should be taking the time to conduct a visual inspection for signs of rust developing on the hinges and rollers of your gate.

You should also look for exposed wiring that could short out if it comes into contact with rain or snow, rendering your gate unable to open automatically. Routine visual inspections will help you identify potential problems that need to be addressed before they affect the performance of your automatic gate.

2. Clean the gate's photocells.

Most automatic gates are fitted with photocells that are designed to detect objects in the gate's path. When these photocells sense an object lying in the path of the gate, they stop the gate's motion to prevent injury or damage.

During the harsh winter months, these photocells can become blocked with frost or road salt residue. A blocked photocell can't perform properly, causing your gate to become a potentially dangerous weapon. Take the time to regularly inspect your gate's photocells for signs of dirt or debris, and clean the cells thoroughly to ensure they can function properly in the future.

3. Check for signs of physical damage.

If you live in an area where snow plows frequently pass by your automatic gate, there is always the potential for physical damage to be sustained during the winter months. A passing plow can push large volumes of snow into your gate, causing the rails to bend or crack.

These bends and cracks weaken the structural integrity of the gate and could prevent it from closing properly. Be sure that you are constantly checking for signs of physical damage during the winter months to keep your automatic gate functioning correctly.

Taking the time to properly maintain your automatic gate during the winter ensures that you will be able to enjoy the benefits this type of gate can provide well into the future. Contact a company like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc for more tips.