Want More Counter Space? 3 Changes To Make In The Kitchen

The kitchen in your home might have most of the features that your family wants and needs, but it may lack in a category or two that prevents everyone from falling in love with it. Over time, you may have saved up enough money to invest in a home remodel with your kitchen being the number one priority. With a large family that loves to cook, you might find that a lack of counter space is the main issue.

Hiring professionals for a kitchen remodel can help you make the changes or additions that you need to ensure your entire family can contribute in the kitchen by providing enough counter space.

Get Built-In Appliances

The first change that you may want to look into is built-in appliances. Having a microwave on the counter will naturally take up space, especially when you have a large one to accommodate your family's size. It is better to get one that you can build into a cabinet so that you avoid using any counter space. An oven can go alongside the microwave or in a separate location as long as it is built into the wall. These two adjustments will open up a considerable amount of space in the kitchen to be used as a counter top.

Break Down Walls

A closed-in kitchen is something that could prevent a lot of space from opening up. So, you can easily fix this by removing the non-load-bearing walls and putting in new countertop. If you do not want to take up the space permanently, you can build a portable island that you can move around when needed.

Add an Island

Breaking down the walls might even give you enough room to put in a dedicated island in the center. This is perfect because it still provides plenty of space to move around, but you gain so much counter space. If you are short on space, you can just have one made with a small lip to avoid taking up extra room. To gain even more functionality from the island, you can add an additional sink. This makes it easy to do things like rinse fruits and vegetables or put skins and peels into the sink while you are cutting and preparing.

Making some or all of these changes to your kitchen should provide your family with plenty of counter space to bring newfound life into the space. For more information, contact local professionals like Alleva Construction, Inc.