How To Refinish Your Fiberglass Bathtub

The finish on a fiberglass bathtub basin can wear down over the years. Whether your fiberglass is just worn off or has a damaged spot, you will want to repair it with a fiberglass patch kit. This article highlights how to repair small holes or dents in your fiberglass surface. You can then go on to use these techniques to repair all kinds of fiberglass surfaces.

Using a Patch Kit

This is a simple job that is much easier if you buy an all-inclusive repair kit. These are easy to find at most home improvement stores. However, these kits don't include all the supplies necessary for bathtub refinishing. Most kits come with the fiberglass cloth, resin, and liquid hardener. Some also come with a mixing tray and stick. If yours don't not include the tray, you can just use a piece of cardboard or plastic to mix the resin and hardener. You will also need normal scissors to cut the cloth, a putty knife to apply the resin, and painter's tape to mask off the area you're patching.

Prepping the Cloth and Patch

First, cut the cloth to the right size. Make sure you leave the cloth so it is big enough to overhang the hole by at least an inch on each end. Cut the cloth into a square shape. Then, you need to mix the hardener and resin together. Once you do this, you need to be ready to immediately spread into onto the cloth.

Applying the Patch

Hold the cloth in place and then spread the resin over one of the top corners. This should help hold the cloth in place as you spread the rest of the resin. Apply a lot of resin over the cloth. You want to completely cover the texture of the cloth. It might take two coats to fully cover the cloth.

Buffing and Sanding the Patch

Finally, you need to sand down the patch after the resin is completely dry. Use medium grit paper to sand away the excess resin and make the patch flat. You can do this by hand, but a power sander will speed up the process, especially if you are patching multiple spots at once. If you have a wool buffing attachment for a power drill, you can use this to give the patch a little shine.

This patch will seal your bathtub and you can begin to use it once again without the risk of leaks. For more information, contact local professionals like Carefree Koatings.