3 Ways To Make Your Roof Cooler

A cool roof has many benefits. Your roof's temperature can be lowered which can extend the life of your roof overall, and you can experience a cooler home as a result as well. Air conditioning can be more effective in your home, allowing you to keep an even temperature in your home without raising energy costs. If you want a more energy-efficient home, then you may want to consider different options for keeping your roof cooler. Here are 3 options you can use on your home.

Cool roof coating

This is a very cost-effective way to cool your roof and can be done very quickly. Cool roof coating is designed to reflect the sun off your roof's surface, allowing the material to stay cooler naturally. A thick white material is 'painted' onto your roof, leaving behind a finish that keeps the sun from penetrating most surfaces. You can use cool roof coating on shingles, metal roofing, and other styles.

Painting your metal roof

If you have a metal roof, simply painting it a new hue can help reduce heat that gets into your home. Metal roofs are naturally reflective but still manage to absorb a decent amount of the sun's rays, especially if the existing metal is dark in color such as brown or black. Consider painting your metal roof a modern color that is more reflective (similar to cool roof coating), such as light gray, off-white, or even tan. A roofing contractor can help you choose quality paint for your needs and can cover your entire roof in a short amount of time.

Redesigning asphalt roofing 

If you have an asphalt roof, you can run into issues with heat disbursement due to the dark material that your roof is comprised of. A great way to combat this without painting is to cover the surface with reflective marble chips or a lighter gray material as opposed to the more-common dark asphalt layer. This can both upgrade your roof so it lasts longer and help keep your home much cooler as a result.

You can tell if your roof is currently too hot by checking the temperature in the upper layers of your home or your attic. If you find yourself constantly having to run the AC to keep temps cool in your home, your hot roof may be to blame. A contractor can go over your roof cooling options with you so you can choose the best method of cooling for your roof's design and your budget. Contact a company like Heritage painting & Waterproofing for more information.