Why Construction Fencing Is Important While Having Your HOA Pool Built

Having an HOA swimming pool built within your community is an excellent way to encourage social camaraderie, improve overall property values for residents, and even increase interest among potential buyers as time goes on. It will likely take several weeks for your swimming pool contractor to finish the job, so it is a good idea to use temporary construction fencing to surround the project area – here's why:

Passerby Protection

People are curious creatures and without a strong divider between the project area and walkways, passersby may get hurt by getting too close to construction equipment or tripping over debris. Having a construction fence installed around your swimming pool project will keep your residents safe and ensure that kids or pets aren't able to make everlasting marks in any poured concrete before it has a chance to dry fully. 

Improved Efficiency

You can maximize time efficiency among the construction crew that is working on your HOA swimming pool installation by having a temporary fence installed at the project site. This should decrease any unnecessary distractions and allow you to immediately identify who is within the work area when overseeing the project. Your contractor's project managers can also more easily ensure that their team works efficiently throughout the day as they can all be monitored within a confined area. Construction fencing also gives the crew a comfortable and private space to take breaks and eat lunch.

An Opportunity to Advertise

The exterior surface of temporary construction fencing offers the perfect opportunity to advertise any buyer specials or specific services that your HOA has to offer. Your swimming pool contractor and community businesses may even want to pay for an advertising spot along the fence line, which will help you pay for the barrier's cost.

Garbage Containment

Construction sites can get dirty quickly, especially when installing a swimming pool thanks to all the earth that has to be dug up. Having a temporary fence installed around the project area is an effective way to keep the dirt and debris contained and out of your residents' sight. Make sure that your swimming pool contractors puts a dumpster within the project area to ensure that garbage doesn't end up adding to the mess that's made.

These are just a few good reasons to consider having a temporary construction fence installed around your swimming pool project area. Your contractor is sure to appreciate the added convenience and security that it provides them as well.