Simple Strategies That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Home's Siding

If you drive through any neighborhood and check out the vinyl siding on the houses, you'll likely see some that looks pristine and some that appears to need replacement. The siding that looks ready to be replaced could be old, but there's also a chance that it's relatively new but perhaps has not been cared for adequately by the homeowner. If you want to give the vinyl siding on your home the best possible life, there are a variety of simply ways that you can accomplish this goal. Here's what you can do.

Keep It Clean

Few things will ruin the look of vinyl siding quicker that mildew, moss and other types of growth. This can especially occur is the siding is consistently in the shade throughout the day; for example, if a large tree on the side of your property has branches that extend above that side of the house. You can combat the growth of moss and mildew by washing the siding whenever the need arises. The simplest way to get the job done is by renting a pressure washer, as it will keep you from having to vigorously scrub the siding. With a rented pressure washer, you can add a cleaning solution, set the machine to the desired spray width and get the siding clean.

Keep The Barbecue Away

It often makes sense to keep your barbecue against the side of your home, especially if you cook in the rain. However, this approach can be detrimental to the life of your siding. The heat that your barbecue generates can risk warping or disfiguring the vinyl siding. When it's damaged in this manner, there's no way to fix it — and you'll need to call a siding contractor to replace the affected area. (And, if the siding can't be matched, you'll have to choose between leaving the damage or perhaps replacing all the siding on your home.)

Trim Vegetation Back

Trees and bushes around your home can add some visual appeal, but their growth can also compromise the health of your vinyl siding. The force exerted by a tree branch, for example, has the potential of pushing against the siding and cracking it or popping it loose. Additionally, some climbing vines can also cause damage, as well as stain the vinyl siding in a manner that is difficult to clean. It's typically best to trim any surrounding vegetation to keep it off the siding. Visit for more information.