Create A Fine Motor Skills Board For Your Child

Helping your child learn fine motor skills doesn't have to be overly difficult to do. You can create a fun play board for them to use to build their fine motor skills at home. The guide below walks you through a few fun ideas for how to create a fine motor skills board for your child.

Prepare the Base for the Board

The first thing you need to do is to create the base for the fine motor board. Purchase a large piece of plywood and have someone at the lumber yard cut it to roughly 2'x2' in size. Use sand paper to sand down the front and edges of the board so that it is safe for your child to use. Paint the entire board with spray paint so that it has a bright, bold look.

Add Locks to the Board

There are many different types of door locks on the market and many of them will help your child build his or her fine motor skills as they attempt to lock and unlock them. A chain lock and surface bolt lock are both great options to add to the board. Hook and eye locks are also very inexpensive and great options, but they do need to be hung perfectly in order for your child to be able to operate them with ease. All you need to do is position the locks wherever you want them to be attached to the board and use a drill to drill screws through the small holes in the bases of the locks to hold them in place.

Add Casters to the Board

Casters can be fun for kids to be able to spin over and over again while they play. There are casters available in many different sizes. You can add the casters to the board using the same technique that you use to attach the locks.

Add Switches to the Board

Finally, add a few different types of light switches to the board. A traditional rocker switch allows your child to learn to flip switches up and down, while a sliding switch allows him or her to learn how to slide things with ease. A push button switch can be a lot of fun clicking back and forth. All of the switches can be added to the board using just a few included screws and your drill.

Building the board is a fun and exciting way to help your child learn and grow. The board doesn't take very long to create and all of the supplies you need to add to the board can be found at a local hardware store. Visit a business, such as O L Willard Co, for more information.