Are You Building A New Home? Learn More About Having Your Well Drilled

Homeowners planning to build a new house may wonder about the best time to have their well drilled. Most people naturally assume well drilling has to be done in the spring and summer. If you are building a new house and wonder about the best time to have your well done, learn more about having a well drilled and how you can avoid problems with one later on.

Winter Can Be The Best Time For Drilling A Well

The winter is a good time to drill the well because the ground may be frozen, which results in a lot less mud. Mud can cause drilling to be a slower process because muddy conditions make it harder to maneuver the drilling rig.

Start Drilling Before Your Home Construction Begins

If your lot is still vacant, it is the time to have your well drilled. One reason to drill before you start building is if the first drill turns up dry, your driller will need to drill someplace else on the lot for hitting water. If you have your home already started, it could get in the way. You should always decide the placement of your new house according to where the well is at. In this way, you can enjoy your new home and plenty of fresh water as well.

Remember Where Your Septic Tank Is Located

You will need to know exactly where your septic tank and its drain lines are located when choosing a place for your well. Most areas have laws regarding how far away from a septic system your well needs to be. If your well is too close to your septic system, your water could become contaminated. Most areas ask that you place your well at least fifty feet away or farther from your septic system.

Think About The Best Places For A Well

When choosing a place on your lot for your well, look for one that will have the ground sloping away from it. In this way, water will not pool up around the well. Pooled up water can create stagnant conditions that promotes bacterial contamination. Also, be sure your well site is above ground from places where you may keep pets housed or fenced in. If an animal pen is positioned above your well, the water that runs off from it will go directly into your water supply.

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