Ideas For Converting A Garage

Your garage can actually be valuable living space. The square footage in a garage can accommodate a growing family or the desire for more relaxation room. Transform the unused real estate of your garage into usable living space.

Lounge Room

Perhaps you would appreciate a private lounge. For this renovation, start by adding architectural interest to the ceiling with trim – that helps hide the fact that the lounge is a converted garage. To that same end, hang statement lighting, such as a series of pendant lights or a modern chandelier. Additionally, have a sliding glass door installed in place of the garage door to allow for light and easy entry. Finally, warm the whole space up with cheery paint and comfortable furniture.

Children's Play Room

Are the kids at an age where their play time seems to take over the house? If so, convert the garage into a play room. In place of the garage door, have a half-wall topped with a picture window built. This allows the light in while controlling access to the room. Additionally, the floor is likely concrete – consider carpeting this over or covering it with soft rugs. From there, it's mostly a matter of providing lots of storage room for the children's toys. You could also consider building in a desk that allows you to catch up on emails while supervising the kids.

Hobby Rooms

When family members have different hobbies, finding space to engage in all of them can be a challenge. Converting your garage into hobby rooms affords your family more space for their interests. How you divide the space depends on the types of hobbies. However, one key element to accommodating different activities is providing enough storage. In fact, Better Homes and Gardens suggests letting a built-in storage wall provide a delineation of space. Additionally, ensure there's enough task lighting and ventilation for the different activities.

Studio Apartment

A common conversion for garages is into a studio apartment, either for family members or to generate revenue. For this remodel, choose where to place the kitchen and bathrooms first to accommodate plumbing and electricity. Both should be relatively basic – there's no need for soaking tubs or dishwashers in either design. Next, consider upgrading the flooring to wood or tile to give the studio a homey feel. Likewise, choose a classic palette for any additional detailing. Finally, replace the garage door with French doors or a sliding glass door. If there isn't one already, add another window as well.

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