3 Reasons A Concrete Roof Is Right For Your Business

When it comes to investing in a new building to house your business, the roofing materials you select can have an impact on your bottom line in the future. While there are many choices available when it comes to roofing materials, concrete tiles can be beneficial for commercial properties.

Here are three reasons why a concrete roof is right for your business.

1. Concrete tiles can help protect against fire.

Many business owners worry about losing their property to a fire. If you want to reduce the risk of fire on your commercial property, then installing a concrete tile roof might be the answer. Concrete roofing is rated Class A when it comes to fire resistance. This means that a concrete tile roof is not combustible and will not ignite if glowing embers come into contact with roofing materials.

In addition to providing you with protection against fire, the fire-resistant characteristics of a concrete tile roof might be able to help you lower your insurance costs as well.

2. Concrete tile roofing can hold its own during a wind storm.

If you live in an area where high winds are a frequent occurrence, then a concrete tile roof is the perfect option for your commercial property. You have likely seen the asphalt shingles that litter the ground after a serious wind storm. Replacing these shingles can be costly, but when you invest in a concrete tile roof, you can eliminate this added expense.

Concrete tile can sustain winds in excess of 125 miles per hour, making it the most durable roofing material available for businesses located in high-wind areas.

3. A concrete tile roof can reduce your energy costs.

Staying competitive in today's market can be difficult, and reducing your company's overhead expenses is a great way to increase profitability. By installing a concrete tile roof on your business building, you can reduce your energy costs.

Concrete tiles are able to reduce the amount of heat transferred to the attic of a building by nearly 50%. This means that you will not be losing heat in the winter, and your business will remain warmer without using additional energy. Your heating costs will go down, reducing your overall operation expenses.

Making the choice to install a concrete roof on your new business building will help you protect your building from fire and high winds, and will allow you to reduce your monthly energy costs. For more information, contact Central States Roofing or a similar company.