The Advantages Of Having A Plastic Septic Installed

When having a new septic tank installed, it is important to consider which type will best meet your needs. There are three types of materials that are used to make septic tanks and these are plastic, metal and concrete. In recent years, plastic septic tanks have become more popular among homeowners. These are some of the advantages of choosing to have a plastic septic tank installed for use at your home.

Ease of Installation 

Since plastic septic tanks are much more lightweight than both metal and concrete septic tanks, this makes them easier to install. Installation of a plastic septic tank often takes much less time and effort than metal and concrete tanks do.


While plastic is not as heavy as metal or concrete, it is still a very durable material. Modern advances that have been made in plastic manufacturing makes this material very strong and durable. It is not uncommon for a plastic septic tank to last as long as both metal and concrete septic tanks. 

Plastic also does not rust and is usually coated with a special resin that protects it from deteriorating when being exposed to acidic soil and other toxins that may be in the ground. Plastic septic tanks do not crack easily and are resistant against tree root growth.


Plastic is a flexible material that can be molded into any shape or form needed. This makes it an ideal material for septic tanks. If an oddly shaped tank is needed to fit into a certain area of the ground, it is more likely that it can be manufactured out of plastic than metal or concrete.

Repairs can be done more easily for plastic tanks as well. If an opening that connects to the pipes going into your home becomes loose, this can be repaired by sealing it off with pipe glue and a rubber seal. This often does not work with metal or concrete tanks because the seal will not attach and hold in place properly.

Regardless of what type of septic tank you choose, never attempt to install it on your own. You may avoid the installation costs, but in the long run, repair costs may outweigh the cost of installation tremendously if this job is not done correctly. With proper installation, the septic tank will most likely last the lifetime of your home and will require very little maintenance. It may need to be pumped out on occasion, but other than that it will be practically maintenance free. To find out more, speak with a business like Moon Septic.