Stop Your Drains from Clogging By Treating the Root Causes

If you have a drain that occasionally clogs, you may simply be able to use conventional drain-cleaning methods. However, if a drain is clogging regularly, you will need to find out what the cause is so that you can correct it and avoid damaging it by relying too much on drain-cleaning chemicals.

Large Objects

Clogged drains are sometimes the result of an object falling down the drain and becoming trapped. To prevent this from happening, try to keep items that could fall down the drain away from the sink, such as a piece of jewelry. If you have children, make sure they know that they cannot put anything down the sink.


Food often causes a drain clog in the sink. Ideally, any food scraps should go in the garbage rather than being washed down the sink. Scrape your plate into the garbage and use a strainer in the sink that will help keep any pieces of food from accidentally falling down the drain. Getting a garbage disposal unit will allow you to break up food debris so they can more easily be washed down the sink without creating a clog. However, garbage disposal units are not 100% reliable and bones and chunks of greasy food can still sometimes end up trapped in the drain. Therefore, the best approach is to keep food out of the sink in the first place.


Hair is a very common cause of a clogged drain. This is especially problematic in shower or bathtub drains because shampooing can cause chunks of hair to be removed and clog the drain. Hair and crumb catchers can prevent hair from clogging the drain because you can simply remove the catcher periodically and toss the hair into the garbage.


Soap and minerals can gradually build up in your drain and cause a clog. There is no good way to prevent soap from building up, but you can pour baking soda and boiling water down the drain to clear out the soap scum. Simply perform this ritual every couple of months and your drain will be less likely to clog.

Tree Roots

Sometimes, it can simply be impossible to prevent a drain from becoming clogged. For instance, trees will find cracks in a pipe and will infiltrate in search of water. They can block the passage of water and cause clogs. You will likely need a drain cleaning specialist, like Plumb Care Plumbing, to correct this problem because it may require sophisticated equipment to clear out the tree roots.