3 Ways to Create a Breakfast Nook in a Small Kitchen

If your kitchen remodeling project didn't include the budget or space to double the room's size, you might feel that you're still limited in what you can include. But small kitchens can still serve as functional and social areas with a little creativity and planning. Heare are three ways you can include a cozy breakfast nook in a small kitchen.

Window Bench and Folding Table

Do you have an area of the room where you can't build additional counters due to an oddly positioned window? You can add more storage to that area and seating by building a window bench. The window bench should be hollow with padded seats that lift up to provide storage space for rarely used cooking items.

You can utilize that bench as a nook by placing a folding table in front of the seating when guests are in your home. Look for a long, narrow picnic table styled folding table that won't take up much floor space but will still give guests plenty of room to eat. When you no longer need the table, you can fold it up and put it in a closet or basement.

Rolling Island and Bar Stools

Rolling kitchen islands offer all of the storage and additional counter space of a regular island—but on wheels. You can roll the island into the center of the kitchen whenever you need additional space then push it back against a wall or corner when it's not needed.

You can purchase a couple of bar stools to go with the rolling island to create a breakfast nook. But this will require a bit of planning. First, you want to buy a rolling island that has features that jut off on each side, such as towel bars or spice holders. Then you need to buy stools that will allow someone to sit with their legs tucked under those side elements.

If you can't get these features to match up, you don't have to abandon this idea. Guests might simply have to sit sideways on the stool or back up a bit from the island counter to make some leg space.

Carved Out Cabinets and Bar Stools

If you have a pantry or neighboring room that provides you with plenty of kitchen storage, you can afford to lose a couple of lower cabinets. Ask a remodeling contractor service like Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling Inc to remove at least two lower cabinets that would allow bar stools to slide underneath the counter. When someone wants to eat in the kitchen, they can simply pull out a stool and sit their food on the counter.

Choose a counter that faces out into the room whenever possible. You don't want the eater to stare at a wall during a social gathering. But if you only have wall-facing counters, it will work in a pinch.