Securing Your Property While Being A Good Neighbor - Preparing For A Nearby Home Demolition

Many people are naturally invested in the state of their neighborhood, as it adds a great deal of value and enjoyment to their own home. One of the ways to maintain the quality of a neighborhood, though, is through the demolition of old or derelict houses, and you need to be prepared to handle this event when it pops up near your home.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take when a home is being demolished near you. By following these suggestions, you can be sure that your property will remain secure while simultaneously guaranteeing that your neighborhood can continue to move down the path to improvement and enhancing your quality of life.

Document Your Foundation

One of the biggest challenges of demolishing structures in a residential area is the potential effect of vibrations on the surrounding homes. While modern demolition techniques are designed to suppress the most severe of these, the buildings that are closest to the demolition site will likely still feel some force.

Before the demolition starts, you should be sure to thoroughly inspect your home's basement and foundation for any potential cracks or defects. This will allow you to compare your previous state to your current state after the demolition is finished, giving a clear idea of any issues that pop up which you may need to address.

Secure Your Windows And Doors

Modern demolition practices are designed to limit the amount of irritants that enter the air by using water to suppress the spread of dust. Still, especially if the home being demolished is brick, it's impossible to guarantee that all of the dirt that comes from a demolished home will stay in one place.

You should be sure to keep your doors and windows shut tight to prevent this dirt from entering your home and affecting you, your loved ones, or your possessions. This can be especially important in the demolition of older homes, as there's a chance of finding and disturbing some previous undetected hazardous material such as asbestos.

Be Prepared For Noise

No one likes to be told they need to alter their schedule based on someone else's activities, but demolishing a home is a loud process. If you have a particularly unusual sleep schedule or any other need for total peace and quiet inside your home, you may want to look for alternative places to seek out your comfort. While this can seem cumbersome, the end result of eliminating a problem building will be well worth the hassle.

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