Give Your Teen An Updated Room By Allowing Them To Create Art On Their Walls

When your child is transitioning into their teenage years, having a room that is not overly juvenile is important. If you want to give your tween a gift they are sure to love, give them the means to update their room to look just the way they want it to look. Paint can spruce up the look of a room without you having to make too much of a financial investment. Use the following guide to learn how to help your help your child create a contemporary accent wall in their bedroom.

Choose Three Paint Colors

Take your child to the paint store and have him or her choose three different colors of paint. The base color for the wall should be a light color, such as ivory, yellow, or mint green. The other two colors can be as bright or dark as your child would like. There are even fluorescent colors now available, if your child wants to create a really bold look in their room.

Prepare to Paint

Use painter's tape to tape off the edges of the room to ensure that you do not get paint on the ceiling, baseboards, or side walls. Lay down an old sheet on the floor to protect your flooring from possible paint drips. Open the windows and doors in the room to ventilate the room during the painting process.

Paint Base Color

Use a paintbrush to paint around the edges of the wall to create a border. Use a paint roller to apply paint to the wall to spread large amounts of paint over the wall in a short period of time. Allow the paint to dry for four or five hours before continuing.

Tape off the Design

Once the paint has dried, have your child place painter's tape from one corner of the wall to the opposite corner of the wall. Place another piece of tape parallel to the first piece of tape, approximately one inch away. Have your child place other pieces of tape off of that first piece of tape perpendicularly to create a graphic design. Be sure that two pieces are added parallel to one another each time to create crisp, sharp lines.

Paint the Design

Have your child paint the design with the two bolder colors and a paintbrush. Be sure to have them keep the paint between the parallel pieces of tape to ensure that the lines are as sharp as they can be. Allow the paint to dry for four hours and then remove the tape from the wall.

Just creating one bold wall in the room can really give the space a new, updated look. The entire process will take a day or two to do. When your child leaves your home or is ready for another change, you can easily paint over the paint with a few coats of primer to create a blank canvas for another color scheme. Talk to a professional like B & P Painting Inc for assistance.