Inspecting Uneven and Weak Air Conditioner Climate Quality

Air conditioning units are supposed to distribute a relatively even air temperature throughout the desired area. Whether you're using a wall unit designed to affect just one room or central air with multiple room ducts, there are obstacles and conditions that can weaken your air quality. Consider a few air conditioner inspection and troubleshooting techniques that can help you return the airflow to normal and maybe even get a better control of your indoor climate.

Duct Blockage And Debris May Slow Climate Control

It makes sense that blocking an air duct can stop your air conditioner from doing its job, but you need to realize that blockage can happen in many ways. It doesn't take a large object or a lot of dust to clog up the ducts.

If your air conditioner's duct path has accumulated dust and solids, moisture can be absorbed and lead to a change in temperature inside the ducts. Along with air pollutants, the temperature and air quality can change.

Cleaning ducts can be a challenge, as residue can become ingrained in the sides of the ducts. A basic scrubbing may still leave mildew behind, which can attract more grime to the ducts over time. A household cleaner with soap or bleach can clean off the surface, but unless you have a basement or lower level access for the ducts, you'll need an air conditioner repair professional's skills to clean or replace the ducts. 

Filter Inspection And Troubleshooting

The air conditioner filter has to be at a specific mesh size in order to bring in enough air for the air conditioner to keep the climate comfortable. At the same time, a specific amount of debris needs to be blocked in order to avoid internal damage to the air conditioner.

It's a simple job to clean filters; simply use a brush or vacuum cleaner and gently remove any excess dust. As you clean, make sure to check for any tears or broken borders on the filter. Such tears can allow a lot of debris to enter the system, which may ruin the air conditioner or bring a lot of filth into your air quality.

If the air conditioner filter is torn, do not attempt to repair it. Patching may lead to blockage in one specific area and may tear off quickly. Instead, search for a new filter for your air conditioner's model. This can be done by checking your air conditioner's model and searching for parts online or asking an AC (Air Conditioning) installation technician to perform maintenance on the AC unit for you. Get in contact with an AC installation professional to begin bringing your air conditioner up to great working condition.