3 Ways To Take Care Of Smoke And Fire Damage After A Fire In Your Home

If you have had a fire in your home, you may return to your home and be surprised to see how much smoke and fire damage has been done to your home. However, don't despair! There are some things you can do to restore your home to its state before the fire. Here are some things you can do to get rid of soot, smoke and other problems after a fire.

Clean Soot

One of the things you are likely to see when you enter your home after a fire is black soot covering your walls and other surfaces. This can be cleaned away, with tri-sodium phosphate, or TSP. This can be bought at paint stores and home improvement stores. Mix about a tablespoon or so with a gallon of warm water, and use a sponge or sponge mop to apply the solution to the soot. The soot will wipe away.

Be careful not to saturate walls or surfaces too much with this mixture, as you don't want to create a mildew or mold problem because of excess water.

Get Rid of Smoke Smell

The smell of smoke can linger in the air for a long time after a fire. That's why you need to do everything you can to get rid of the smell. While you can start by keeping windows open and airing out rooms, there are other things you can do.

For example, you can use baking soda or activated charcoal, both of which can be bought at many home improvement stores and health food stores in a powder form. These substances can be used to absorb the smell of smoke. Simply pour some into a few shallow dishes or small bowls, so that you have some in different spots around your home. Spraying vinegar on different surfaces can also work to get the smell of smoke off of counters, appliances and other items.

If the smoke smell persists, you may need to hire a fire damage restoration company to deal with it on a molecular level. Typically they will use ozone generators or special fogs to get rid of the smell.

Dry Out Carpets

If your carpets were affected by water as the fire department put out the fire in your house, you need to make sure they are dry. If they are wet, mildew and mold can start growing. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up any water that is still in the carpets. Then, open windows and use fans to get air moving through the room, so that the carpets will dry.

Having a fire in your home can be a difficult thing to go through, but being able to restore your home afterwards can help you feel a little better. Use the suggestions above and a company like ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts to help you deal with the smoke and fire damage, so that you can enjoy your home again.