2 Common Drywall Repairs You Might Need To Make Someday

Drywall in your home is prone to damage. Holes and cracks can commonly be found in drywall. If you have noticed any of these plaguing your drywall, then you know how much they can impact the aesthetic of your home. When it comes to keeping your residence looking fresh, keeping your drywall in good repair is essential.

Here are two common drywall repairs you might need to make, and tips to help you complete these repairs with ease.

1. Holes in your drywall.

Whether you are taking down a piece of art or moving heavy furniture through a narrow hallway, you will likely create some holes in your drywall. Repairing these holes is simple when you have access to the right tools. Before you begin, be sure that you gather a 6" and a 10" drywall knife, a small sheet of wallboard, drywall tape, and some screws.

Begin your repair by measuring out a square piece of drywall board that is larger than your hole. Use this patch as a guide to help you remove the hole from your wall. Place the wallboard where the hole used to be, and use the drywall tape and screws to secure it in place. Add a fresh coat of paint, and no one will know that a hole ever existed.

2. Cracks in your drywall.

Cracks in your drywall can be caused by the settling of your home's foundation or water leaks. If you discover a crack that is more than 1/4 inch deep, you will need to invest in some a quick setting crack filler to complete your repair. If your crack is less than 1/4 inch deep, you can begin by applying a piece of drywall tape directly over the crack. This will help to seal the edges and prevent additional cracking in the future.

Once the drywall tape is in place (or the quick setting crack filler has hardened), you can begin applying thin layers of drywall compound until your crack has been sufficiently sealed. Sand down any rough edges once the compound has dried, and apply a fresh coat of paint to the repaired area.

Repairing drywall can seem like a daunting task if you don't view yourself as a handyman. By taking the time to learn how you can fill in both holes and cracks in your home's drywall, you will be well on your way to improving the appearance of your home by getting rid of unsightly and damaged drywall.